What if all you needed to know about growing business relationships was already locked inside you? 

Join me on my journey as I try to answer the "how do I know what I know" question. You might just discover how much you know too.

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Lynn's story is a part funny, part poignant, but always uplifting, journey of discovery as she answers the question that finally slays her Imposter Syndrome Dragon; "How Do I Know What I Know?"

About the book

This non-fiction work takes readers on the author's journey from a bullied child struggling to make sense of her studies and career to where she is today. A confident professional who has worked in ten countries around the world reinventing relationship management for leading global companies. She speaks six languages at varying levels, despite the discouragement from a language therapist who insisted she focus solely on her native Dutch, a language she already struggled with, and asserted she would never master another language.

But Lynn has touched lives, importantly her own, and her bravery in telling the world of her biggest learning moments is a refreshing read in a noisy business book marketplace full of quasi-expert hustlers. Buy Lynn's book, because sleeping soundly and waking up excited is not the worst way to live, regardless of how much wealth you have.

launching AUTUMN 2024. 

About the book : 
In a world relegating business relationship to chat bots and soulless conversations with machines I am here with hard news. Soft Skills are still the only game in town. The key to unlocking your professional potential and long-term success lies not in your ability to write code - there's an AI for that - but in your ability to connect with people on a genuine level. This not new. It's the way it has always been. The spoils of business success have always belonged to those with the biggest networks and the ability to nurture human relationships.

Now though, in our hyper-connected business world where short-term gains and transactional, impersonal interactions seem de rigueur. In my book I make a case for old school values like collaboration, partnerships, and the foundations of trust that these values bring. The hard news is that these soft skills are your only reliable north star.

The trouble with soft skills is that they are awfully hard to come by. Science shows that the smartest amongst us are also the same folk who suffer most socially. It's like their big brains have been filled with all the knowledge to code, build, or design their stuff, that there is just no space left for them to learn how to create the client relationships needed to keep people enthusiastically buying that stuff.
Who am I to tell my readers how to spend their time cultivating deep, authentic relationships? That is the question that unlocked my imposter syndrome and set me off on my mission to answer the million-dollar question, how the hell do I know what I know?

Through my book, I take you along with me as I recount some of my proudest and also most embarrassing moments on my career journey. There's nothing to brag about there. Maybe a little. But I am writing this book in the hope that it will allow readers to discover the moments in their own lives that will become the keys to master their own business relationships expertise.
Imagine a world where your professional network is filled with genuine supporters, trusted advisors, and loyal fans. That's the real power of effective business relationships. Come with me and I will show you how to find it.

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