Have You Ever Been Hit With A Bout of Imposter Syndrome?

Book, Strategy, Wellbeing • October 16, 2023

I was on the train heading back to Geneva after a brilliant eMBA networking session when I was asked why I am writing a book. It’s been the question of the month. I looked at my travel companion and wondered how much I should tell him.

“Because I want to know how I know what I know,” I answered. I was surprised when he got it instantly. Smart. I felt like I had to explain further, “I mean I know what I know. And I know what I know works for my clients, but how do I know what I know?”

This is the question I set out to answer in my book. I am inspired by how the puzzle pieces are coming together. I was bullied mercilessly at school, hence I needed to develop a superpower to quickly “read the room” within seconds of entering, so that I could recognise any threat.

This junior school EQ has translated into a handy skill set that I use at every networking event or conference. At a glance I can see who it is that I need to be talking to in each group. (Read about my early Dubai networking experience in my previous post – I’ll add link in comments).

My early experience in hospitality, specifically in the luxury sector, taught me how to conduct accurate and useful business simulations. Thousands of them. Another skill I have transferred to my clients when we explore ways for them to find increased revenue.

My book started as a way for me to overcome imposter syndrome, (what makes me smart?) and to answer the question; “how do I know what I know?”

Looking back at my biggest business lessons, some of them painfully learned, I am able to connect the dots with the strategies and answers that seem to come instinctively to me now that I have a couple of decades of experience under my belt.

I still have bouts of imposter syndrome, which has also been the driver for me to go back to school and earn my Executive MBA. In part my studies will help me to find the pieces of the puzzle, “HOW do I know what I know, and WHY does what I know work so well for my clients?”

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