The Right Price Is Not Written in Stone 

Media, Strategy • November 1, 2023

There are many that would have us believe that there are standard prices for everything out there. Your little offer should be priced this. Or your group program has to be that. Reality is that the price you charge for what you offer is and should be unique to your business, your customers and the value your offer delivers.

The right prices cannot be the same for everyone (or written in stone) since they depend on many different things. Things which vary from business to business. As my guest in this episode shares with us, feeling confident about what investment you ask people to make, comes in large part from you understanding why that price and not the other price. The more you understand the value and the more you know your customers and the market. And of course the more you know the figures in your business – the more confident you’ll feel about what you charge.

In this Episode: Article: Price not Written in Stone

I have shared my business and pricing journey. And how difficult I found it, getting on top of pricing early on. I’ve talked about what it took for me to shift things, to find the right price and get where I am today.

You’re going to enjoy this conversation. I know I did. Enjoy.

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