My Story of an Unforgettable Adventure in Indonesia

Book, Strategy, Wellbeing • October 6, 2023

I can’t help but feel a rush of excitement as I stare at the words on the page. The chapter I worked on this week has a part dedicated to an unforgettable adventure I had in Indonesia, an experience that still amazes me every time I think of it.

I vividly recounted the incredible moment when I found myself on a small boat in the Bali sea. It’s a place also known for the Indonesian Throughflow, where strong currents between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Our boat was caught in the chaos, while we got prepared for our cave dive at minus 30 meters. The dive guide explained to us about our descent and the safety instructions that came with it.

Performing a backward flip as the boat was tossed up and down by the powerful currents and winds. I put full trust in the skilled boat captain to navigate us, the dive guide to bring us back safely from the dive, and the other three divers who I was with.

Once all in the water, we made our descent of 30 meters beneath the surface, leading us into the dark and mysterious mouth of an underwater cave. This cave had only one entrance and an exit, adding an extra layer of adventure to our dive.

What made it even more exhilarating was the knowledge that it is a known resting place for sharks… 🦈

I paused in my storytelling of the book, reflecting on the fact that it was one of my first dives as an advanced diver, marking only my 8th dive in total.

The experience was a thrilling mix of excitement and fear, interwoven with valuable lessons for both professional and personal life.

This is only the start of many stories which will shape into my final book.

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